It's time for a cleaner future

start saving resources with MIA, your interactive use watcher


Let's take a journey to the near future and have a look at the environment in 2025.

Maybe you want to show your son a nice beach, go swimming with your daughter on a lake or take a trip to the mountains with your girlfriend. With this journey through time we are already making it possible for you.

How can I act?

You don't need to be an environmentalist, just at home.

Resource consumption rises daily and is a burden for our planet and our purses. We have to counteract but most people think that they are not able to change such a big thing. They are wrong! We start from where the most power comes from, just ourselfes. In order to watch our consumption behaviour we created MIA to help us improve our source spending.

Data is everywhere and smarthomes spread all over the world. If we take a look at our own homes we will detect a lot of sources that use resources. If we even look closer, a big amount of our consumption is superfluous but in most cases we don't recognize that. MIA helps us to prevent the waste of resources, to save money and preserve our world. MIA starts at the point where most of the resources are lost: in our homes.

Features of MIA

have a look what MIA can do for you

usage tracking

track your resource consumption and learn more about sustaining behaviour


connects to your smarthome devices and improves the use of resources

money saver

the less resources you need the better for your purse, MIA lets you save for holidays

speech control

talk to MIA, ask her for your ecological footprint, tips and your network status

emsense ready

connect with your emsense device to use touch recognition of resource consumers

intelligent leafes

read your daily status with a look at MIA, the leafes will tell you how your behaviour is

High Tech for a better world

powerful, sustaining and regenerative the MIA specs

Tech specs

  • Wireless 802.11 b/g/n
  • WPA/WPA2
  • Requires 2.4ghz router
  • 220-240 V~ 50/60 Hz
  • 900-1050 W

Tech features

  • Solar Skin, no external power needed
  • Built-in Microphone
  • EM-Sense support
  • Smart-Home support
  • Status Monitor

Data processing

the cycle of resource improvement


usage tracking

Your smarthome and emsense sensors deliver data of resource usage


data processesing

MIA recieves data, calculates resource usage and possible improvements


usage improvement

MIA sends better settings to your smarthome controllers and delivers tips for you

Plug 'n Play

get started with MIA and 3 easy steps for setup

unpack and load

MIA was created to work with available resources. Just unpack MIA and let herself be loaded by the solar skin leafes.

connect to wifi

Connecting to wifi automatically connects your smarthome sensors. Data will be tracked and resource usage is fitted.

connect emsense

MIA supports the tracking of resource consumption via emsense devices. You can connect your emsense watch to get better.

Stay Connected

Connect to MIA and the global network to use all the interesting features

  • network of enthusiasts
  • personal statistics & savings
  • useful tips to save resources
  • challenge your friends

Social Responsibility

Together we are strong, let's save our planet

Perhaps you think that your resource saving is not relevant but we have to keep an eye on the network. If everybody cares about his environmental correctness the amount of saving scales up immensiveliy. add 50 enthusiasts


thousand $ saved


thousand m3 saved


kwh saved